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Energy Alums Named Top Young Innovators
via MIT Technology Review
Two MIT energy alums, Miles Barr and Sarah Kearney, were named top “Innovators under 35.”

Sheila Kennedy honored for design innovation


U.S. C3E Ambassadors Meet for 3rd Annual Retreat
Ambassadors reviewed nominations for this year's C3E Awards, an annual awards program supported by the MIT Energy Initiative. 

Faculty Focus

Developing New Light and Energy Technologies
Silvija Gradečak customizes nano-scale systems for large-scale impact in light and energy.

Obama's Second-Term Energy Policy Is Working: John Deutch

In the News

Game Changers

Game Changers Explores A Cheaper, Cleaner, and More Secure National Energy System
New Stanford-MIT book puts focus on the need for energy innovation R&D.
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