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Could next-gen reactors spark revival in nuclear power?
via National Geographic
Tech titans like Bill Gates are helping fund a new generation of commercial nuclear reactors, some likely in China, as a solution to climate change

Where is solar power headed?
A look at the future of solar, with input from MITEI's latest study

US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz: A Cabinet star is born
via The Boston Globe
How an MIT professor from Fall River got to the center of everything from climate change to nuclear Iran

Around Campus

Singaporean President Tony Tan hosts MIT delegation
via MIT News
Members of the Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program convene in Singapore for workshop

Energy Innovators

MIT stealth spinout Pi charges up wireless power competition
via Xconomy
Researchers at MIT are working towards the future of wireless power through a variety of startups

How next-generation fabrics will keep you cool in summer heat
via MIT Technology Review
Fabrics that are transparent in the infrared can radiate body heat at rates that will significantly reduce the burden on power-hungry air-conditioning systems


Modeling Urban Sustainability: Energy, Daylight, and Walkability

Monday, August 17 - Friday, August 21, 2015

New one week course for design professionals. Aimed at architects, urban planners, consultants, city managers and others, this first-of-its-kind course from MIT Architecture will teach participants the power of new modeling software to aid in sustainable urban design. Open to the public, registration required. 

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