Low-Carbon Energy Centers

For information on MIT Energy Initiative’s Low-Carbon Energy Centers, announced in MIT’s Plan for Action on Climate Change, contact Lou Carranza, Associate Director of MITEI, at carranza@mit.edu.

In the 2016 Del Favero Doctoral Thesis Prize Lecture, Mingda Li PhD '15 describes how radiation can help us understand and design new materials.
Nanopores may be trapping oil and gas in the ancient hydrocarbon instead of allowing them to flow.
Design tops more than 100 entries at an international high-speed transportation competition inspired by Elon Musk and sponsored by SpaceX.
An MIT lab has produced a device the size of a stamp that harvests energy from bending movements. Commercialising it could be a breakthrough for wearables.
Jessika Trancik, professor of energy studies at MIT, adds her input on what the price drop means for renewable energy markets.
MIT researchers have developed a thin, transparent film that can store solar energy for later use.
Raanan Miller, Executive Director of MITEI’s Utility of the Future Consortium, discusses Draper Laboratory’s history of working with industry.
Mircea Dincă, principal investigator in the department of chemistry, is the winner of the 2015 American Chemical Society ExxonMobil Solid State Faculty Fellowship.
During October 2015, the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) signed multiyear renewal agreements with two of its members: Shell and Ferrovial.


February 09, 2016
The important role energy systems analysis plays in revealing good energy choices.


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