In the News

How smartphones are improving city life in Singapore
via CNN
Changing lifestyles with smartphone data

New technology makes batteries cheaper, more efficient
via UPI
The new method brings the benefits of liquid technology to big batteries - but without the baggage

This startup is looking to revolutionize lithium ion batteries
via Fortune
A new stealth startup with a very big idea for batteries has come out of stealth mode.

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Around Campus

Social enterprises empower communities
via MIT News
MIT students launch social enterprises that work with communities to foster financial and environmental sustainability.

New manufacturing approach slices lithium-ion battery cost in half
via MIT News
Reinventing how these batteries are made also improves their performance and recyclability.

Tata Center

Exploring Indian Agriculture: Soil Health
via Tata Center MIT
"Out of the 140 million farms in India, only 10% have ever done soil health testing. This is like saying only 10% of our population has ever gone to a doctor."

Faculty Focus

Richard Lester honored with 2015 Special Award by the American Nuclear Society
via MIT News
Recognized for "demonstrating the value of nuclear energy to a wide audience."

MIT teams win 2015 Department of Energy NEUP awards
via MIT News
Those honored include MITEI researchers Jacopo Buongiorno, Lin Wen Hu, Mujid Kazimi, and Michael Demkowicz.


Ferromagnetic composites based on semiconductor matrix

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
At this MIT-only seminar, Dr. Irina Fedorchenko will focus on the problems of the fabrication of the ferromagnetic composites which consist from the semiconductor matrix (II-IV-V2) with embedded magnetic inclusions (manganese pnictide). The composites are considered as a monolayer equivalent of the superlattices.



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