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Three big ideas from the MIT Energy Conference
via The Christian Science Monitor
Data-driven energy, stop-and-go innovation, shifting supply and demand centers – and other takeaways from the Monitor's trip to the MIT Energy Conference 2015.

Now in Arms Talks, Energy Secretary Moniz Once Warned of Nuclear Iran
via Bloomberg
As a nuclear physicist, he has spent decades thinking about ways to both expand nuclear energy and limit the spread of atomic weapons.

Exelon: The Utility of the Future Views Change as Enabling, Not Disruptive
Integrating more variable generation and storage, but no new nuclear units, are among the characteristics Exelon sees in the utility of the future, as outlined by Chief Strategy Officer William A. Von Hoene Jr. at the 2015 MIT Energy Conference.

Student Focus

Squitching behavior
via MIT News
MIT graduate student Farnaz Niroui demonstrates squeezable nano electromechanical switches with quantum tunneling function.

Energy Entrepreneurs

Vargas honored in Dubai ceremony
via MIT News
MIT Tata Center alumna's innovative work with public space empowers residents of informal settlements.

This Nuclear Reactor Eats Nuclear Waste
via Fast Company Co.Exist
Nuclear power isn't going anywhere. But safer designs are sorely needed.


From Sand Castles To Urban Modeling: A Physicist's Naive Thoughts on Construction and Cities
Monday, March 9th
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM, 1-190
Professor Henri Van Damme
MIT CEE Distinguished Speaker Series

CPW Energy Open House 

Friday, April 17th
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM, E19-319
Invite Only
Come learn about the many ways to be involved with energy at MIT! Mingle with students and researchers, hear about the growing Energy Studies Minor, discover opportunities for undergraduate energy research, and meet representatives from energy-focused student groups on campus. 

Energy: the World and MIT
Monday, April 6th
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM, W20-306
MITEI Deputy Director Robert Stoner will give an overview of the world's most pressing energy challenges and how MITEI approaches energy research and education. This session will provide important background and resources for MISTI students doing energy-related internships around the world.



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