MITEI Seminar Series

The MITEI Seminar Series is the centerpiece of MITEI's education and outreach missions. The goal of the seminar series is to showcase critical areas of energy research and analysis that will help the nation and the world meet the enormous energy challenges in the coming decades. The MITEI seminars take place monthly, seeking to engage and inform the energy community at MIT.

For all seminars in the series:
4:15 pm [Reception follows]
Building 66-110
25 Ames Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts


Environmental Impact of Electricity: A Life-Cycle Perspective - Seminar featuring Edgar Hertwich

Three centuries of science museums: From Louis XIII to the present day

e4Dev Speaker Series: Qorax Energy-Renewables in Post-Conflict Regions

Giant piezoelectricity on Si for hyper-active MEMS

Turning CO2 into Liquid Fuel

Rethinking Carbon Capture and Sequestration

In situ spectroscopic studies of metal oxide electrodes during water oxidation