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MIT 2016 energy grads launch careers in research, engineering, and analysis

MIT 2016 energy grads launch careers in research, engineering, and analysis

Upon commencement, MITEI honors its Class of 2016 undergraduate and graduate energy students.

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The Campus Energy Task Force established the Student Campus Energy Project Fund, a competitive grant program, for student energy projects that promote sustainable campus energy and environmental practices. A committee of faculty, staff, and students reviews student project proposals for funding and scores them on merits of impact, community engagement, educational opportunity, and cost effectiveness. Over thirty-five student projects have been funded through this mechanism.

Call for Campus Energy Project Proposals

Grant Goals

Proposed projects should support the objectives of the Campus Energy Task Force including promoting sustainable campus energy and environmental practices and advancing the broad objectives of the MITEI to actively engage students in the initiative.

Grant Limits and Scope

Grants funds are available up to $1,000 per project for both undergraduate and graduate students. These grants are intended to provide resources for equipment purchases, programmatic costs, printing, and other related expenses. Because of the size of these grants, they may be considered as development support for projects that could expand into larger efforts requiring further resources in the future. Funds are not intended to pay individuals but could be a complement to Campus Sustainability UROPs or other research and employment opportunities.

Proposal Guidelines

Proposals should be no more than 1-2 pages and should address the following criteria:

  • Individuals involved in the project (course, year)
  • Project goals
  • Approach
  • Expected deliverables & outline of "shareable results"
  • Impact of project on campus energy and environmental footprint
  • Potential to engage the wider MIT community
  • Proposed budget outlining funds required

Proposal Review Process

A review committee of one faculty, one administrator and four students (two graduate and two undergraduate) will review proposals and score them on merits of impact, community engagement potential, educational opportunity, and cost effectiveness.

Requirements of Award

A post-project report will be required upon completion of the term in which the grant was awarded. This project report will outline results of the project, itemized spending account and opportunities for potential project continuation and expansion.

Timeline & Submission Process

Grants are made each semester and summer. Please contact Steven Lanou for information on deadlines for proposal submissions.  Exceptionally well-formed project proposals will be considered on an ongoing basis regardless of proposal deadlines.