Energy Studies Minor

Transforming the world's energy systems is a complex challenge, requiring a new kind of expertise.

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BP Names Winner of the MIT Ultimate Field Trip Campus Finals

BP Names Winner of the MIT Ultimate Field Trip Campus Finals

Nation’s largest energy investor selects Team En^X to represent the school in national energy competition for science and engineering students

February 20, 2014Read more

The goal of MIT's Energy Studies Minor is to produce multi-dimensional graduates with both subject-specific knowledge and integrative understanding across a variety of energy issues.

Energy permeates almost all disciplines at MIT. MIT's unique approach is to integrate undergraduate energy education across all the schools, all the departments, and all the programs that MIT offers.

The Minor does this through a coherent program of subjects that provide single-discipline, multi-disciplinary, and interdisciplinary perspectives on energy. Entering students are offered a variety of hands-on subjects and opportunities to engage in the complex reality of energy.

The heart of the Minor is a core of foundational subjects in the domains of energy science, technology and social science. Students deepen and integrate these perspectives through a variety of electives, and have a variety of options to pursue a capstone experience to bring all parts of their energy studies together.