Energy IAP

Energy programs for MIT's Independent Activities Period

The MIT Independent Activities Period (IAP) is a special four week term at MIT that runs from the first week of January until the end of the month.

IAP 2015 runs January 5-January 30, 2015. Subject and activity listings for all energy-related IAP listings can be found here.

MITEI sponsored IAP listings
January 13, 2015-Kendall Cogeneration Plant tour
January 14, 2015-Aramco Research Center Lab Tour

January 16, 2015-Energy Underground: MBTA Facilities and Tunnel Tour

January 21, 2015-LEED Platinum Certified tour-Artists for Humanity Sustainability Practices

January 22, 2015-Wind Technology Testing Center tour

IAP Events

IAP-Are we sure that man-made CO2 is a main cause of climatic changes?

IAP-Electric Power Systems Modeling for a Low-Carbon Economy- ESD.S31

Energy Studies Minor Information Session

IAP-Research Funder Open Access Requirements from DOE and Other Federal Agencies