C3E 2013: Remarks from the Department of Energy by Alice Madden

Women in Clean Energy Symposium

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Statoil Launches New $200 Million Energy Investment Fund

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Alice Madden
Principal Deputy for Intergovernmental & External Affairs
US Department of Energy
Alice Madden started her career in the high tech industry in Colorado followed by an almost ten-year commercial litigation practice specializing in employment law. In 2000, Alice was elected to the Colorado House of Representative where she served as the House Majority Leader from 2004 – 2008. One of Alice’s legislative focuses was building the foundation for what is now referred to nationally as the New Energy Economy. A few key accomplishments included taking Colorado to a 30% renewable energy standard by 2020, and implementing net metering, solar gardens, and a series of clean energy and efficiency financial incentives.
Alice continued to apply her experience in economic and energy sustainability issues as Climate Change Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter. Among many milestones, she oversaw the implementation of the groundbreaking Clean Air Clean Jobs Act, which will lead to the early retirement of over 900MWs of coal power, to be replaced with cleaner burning fuels such as natural gas, wind and solar. Alice also served as a Senior Fellow on Climate Change issues at the Center for American Progress.
Most recently, Alice served as the Timothy E. Wirth Chair in Sustainable Development at the University of Colorado focusing on strategic collaborations among governments, businesses, academic institutions and non-profit groups to form sustainable practices and policies that carefully balance economic, environmental and social welfare concerns. Alice worked with varied constituencies on successful ways to communicate climate science to specific audiences, thereby increasing successful implementation of their sustainability goals. Alice worked to advance environmental literacy curriculums in K-12 education, increase the interest of minority college students in STEM and sustainability fields, and increase the number of women in developing countries studying and working in sustainability fields through mentorships and expanded support systems.

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