Presidential debate: Romney, Obama campaign surrogates debate energy and climate issues

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Originally aired: 10/05/2012

Photo: Justin Knight

How will energy and climate issues drive the economic, jobs and national security agendas of the next president? In E&ETV's exclusive video coverage of the MIT Energy Initiative's Presidential Energy Debate, campaign surrogates Joseph Aldy, representing President Obama, and Oren Cass, representing GOP contender Mitt Romney, debate the future of federal energy policy and incentives, unconventional oil and gas, coal, and climate policy.

The debate is moderated by Jason Pontin, editor in chief of Technology Review. Debate questioners include Monica Trauzzi, E&ETV's managing editor and host; Bill Loveless, host of Platts Energy Week; and Steve Hargreaves, a senior writer at

The debate was filmed Oct. 5 at MIT's Kresge Auditorium.

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