Electrification of the Transportation System

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Mapping coal’s decline and renewables' rise

Mapping coal’s decline and renewables' rise

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About the report

On April 8, 2010, the MIT Energy Initiative, together with Ormat, Hess, Cummins and Entergy, sponsored a symposium on: The Electrification of the Transportation System: Issues and Opportunities. The symposium’s 68 participants, all experts with wide-ranging backgrounds and points of view, helped to frame the issues, opportunities, and challenges associated with vehicle electrification. The symposium was organized into four panels that addressed key issues: (1) Why vehicle electrification matters, (2) vehicle technologies, (3) infrastructure, and (4) policy options. This report reflects the major points of discussion, and presents a range of possible “next steps” for the consideration of policy makers and other interested individuals and entities.

It is important to note that this is a report on the proceedings and papers that informed those proceedings; it is not a study. The report represents a range of views from those at the symposium and, where possible, includes consensus or general recommendations from the presenters and participants; it is in no way intended to represent the views of all the participants, the individual participants, or of the rapporteurs.

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Symposium Documents

Commissioned Papers

Plugging Cars into the Grid: Why the Government Should Make A Choice and Policies to Promote Deployment of Grid-Enabled Vehicles
Ronald Minsk

Discussion of the Benefits and Impacts of Plug-In Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles
Mark Duvall

Plug-in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: A Foundation for Electrified Transportation
Tony Markel

Electric Vehicle Policy
Daniel Sperling

Additional Papers Submtted by Participants

Analysis of the Transition to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles and the Potential Hydrogen Energy Infrastructure Requirements
David Greene

Optimal Charge Control of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles In Deregulated Electricity Markets
Marija Ilic

Additional Materials

Technology Roadmap: Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, International Energy Agency

An Action Plan for Cars: The Policies Needed to Reduce US Petroleum Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, AN MIT Energy Initiative Report, December, 2009

Bibliography of suggested reading 

Logistical information

The Environmental and Cost Impacts of Vehicle Electrification in the Azores by Maximilian Parness

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Deployment: Policy Analysis Using a Dynamic Behavioral Spatial Model by Michael J. Kearney