Prospects for Bi-Fuel and Flex-Fuel Light Duty Vehicles

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On April 19, 2012,  MITEI hosted the symposium entitled "Prospects for Flexible- and Bi-Fuel Light Duty Vehicles," sponsored by MITEI members Cummins, Hess, Entergy and Exelon. The symposium was part of the MIT Energy Initiative’s symposium series, designed to bring together subject matter experts for a day-long, highly informed and interactive discussion of timely energy issues. The objective: to provide policy makers, industry, academia and non-governmental organizations with analysis, data and findings to inform their policy development and decision-making on a critical topic.

This symposium focused on providing the research, investment and policy communities with a technically-grounded picture of vehicle and infrastructure requirements for and barriers to scale-up of a personal transportation system based on flexible use of alternative fuels. This included both flex-fuel (blended liquid fuels) and bi-fuel (separate fuel tanks) operation. The context was the prospects for significant scale within 10-20 years, with a principal focus on the US, and relevant experiences in other parts of the world.

Symposium Downloads

Framing the Issues

The Evolving Fuels Context for Light-Duty Vehicles
Download white paper
Dr. Steven Koonin, Institute for Defense Analysis

Light-Duty Vehicles: A Discussion of the Evolving Engine, Vehicle and Fuel Requirements Context
Download white paper
Prof. John B. Heywood, MIT

Discussant presentation

Professor Bruce Dale, Michigan State University


The Case for Bi-Fuel Natural Gas Vehicles
Download white paper
Michael D. Jackson, TIAX LLC

Evolution of alcohol fuel blends towards a sustainable transport energy economy
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Dr. Jamie Turner, Lotus Powertrain

Consumer Choice and Public Attitudes

Prospects for Flexible- and Bi-Fuel Light Duty Vehicles: Consumer Choice and Public Attitudes
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Dr. Ulrich Kramer and Dr. James E. Anderson, Ford Motor Company

Discussant presentation

Professor Stephen Ansolabehere, Harvard University

Policy and Regulation

Regulations and Incentives for Alternative Fuels and Vehicles
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Dr. Elisheba Beia Spiller, Resources for the Future

Discussant presentations

Mr. Ronald Minsk, Securing America’s Future Energy

Professor Christopher Knittel, MIT