Donald Sadoway

John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Chemistry
Material Science and Engineering


Mapping coal’s decline and renewables' rise

Mapping coal’s decline and renewables' rise

CoalMap online tool shows what policy regulations and technological advancements can do for the cost-competitiveness of solar and wind energy.

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Donald Sadoway


Electrochemistry in nonaqueous media; scientific underpinnings of technologies for environmentally sound and efficient use of energy and natural resources

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June 1, 2016
MIT Energy Initiative awards nine Seed Fund grants for early-stage energy research
Winning MIT teams will use grants, totaling $1.3 million, to advance research in areas including fuel cells, solar-powered water desalination, and impacts of electric vehicle charging on the power grid.

April 13, 2016
MIT Energy Initiative awards nine Seed Fund grants for early-stage energy research
Winning MIT teams will use grants, totaling $1.3 million, to advance research in areas including fuel cells, solar-powered water desalination, and impacts of electric vehicle charging on the power grid.

March 23, 2016
New chemistries found for liquid batteries
Grid-scale approach to rechargeable power storage gets new arsenal of possible materials.

July 13, 2015
Energy synergy: MIT ignites CERAWeek
MIT representatives shared emerging energy technologies at an influential conference rifle with world leaders.

July 9, 2015
Energy Synergy: MIT Ignites CERAWeek
The MIT Energy Initiative plays an integral role in IHS CERA's annual energy gathering.

June 24, 2015
The Gates-backed Canadian building a better battery
Donald Sadoway sees a bright future for liquid metal batteries.

June 9, 2015
MIT Energy Conference: "There is no more important issue than energy"

June 9, 2015
MIT Energy Initiative announces new seed grant awards

April 14, 2015
The $5 billion race to build a better battery
Young companies staked by big backers are challenging fossil fuels with new ways to hold sun and wind power in the $50 billion energy storage market

April 9, 2015
MIT Energy Initiative awarding $1.65 million in annual Seed Funds for innovative early-stage energy research

March 23, 2015
Scientist says 'liquid battery energy' wave of battery future

February 26, 2015
New Titanium-Making Process Could Result in Lighter Aircraft
A new process could extend the use of titanium for lightweight, more fuel-efficient airplanes

January 28, 2015
Your Smartphone Battery Sucks. This MIT Startup Could Change That
SolidEnergy's Lithium-ion batteries may hold the key to the future of batteries

January 22, 2015
Australian Capital Territory Could Take More Electricity from Renewables with Liquid Metal Batteries
MIT Professor Don Sadoway's invention may be deployed in Australia

December 29, 2014
Ambri's long lasting and low cost electrical grid scale triple liquid batteries - via Next Big Future
MIT professor Don Sadoway on the function and future of liquid battery technology

December 15, 2014
Batteries That Will Save the Planet - via Newsweek
Donald Sadoway and his team have developed a long-lasting solid-state battery they say is easily scaled

December 8, 2014
Grid-Scale Storage: Smooth Operators
Matching output to demand is hard with wind and solar power. MIT's Don Sadoway is working on how to store surplus juice until it is needed

December 5, 2014
A renaissance in metals
Materials Day Symposium highlights breakthroughs in simulation methods, manufacturing techniques, and improved alloys

December 1, 2014
Solar energy gets a facelift
CNBC's Morgan Brennan looks at the future of alternative power sources with MIT Professors Vladimir Bulović and Donald Sadoway

October 15, 2014
Is This Ambri’s New Liquid-Metal Battery Materials Formula?
via GreenTechMedia
The Gates-, Pritzker- and Khosla-funded MIT energy storage spinout more-than-hints at its new chemistry

September 23, 2014
Molten metal batteries aimed at the grid - via The BBC
MIT's Don Sadoway and his team have invented a battery that could help smooth the power supply from renewable energy sources

September 22, 2014
New formulation leads to improved liquid battery
Cheaper, longer-lasting materials could enable batteries that make wind and solar energy more competitive

August 25, 2014
Re-Inventing the Grid
MIT's John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Chemistry Donald Sadoway and partner David Bradwell are building a novel liquid metal battery for grid-level storage with their revolutionary Cambridge-based startup Ambri

May 16, 2014
A Preview Of Innovations That Could Upend The Energy Sector (via Forbes)
MIT shines light on coming attractions in global energy

May 5, 2014
Ambri Funding Influx Suggests a New Day for Grid Batteries (via MIT Tech Review)
MIT spinout to build commercial-scale factory for low-cost, multi-hour batteries for grid storage

May 1, 2014
Ambri hopes liquid batteries are the future of clean tech (via CNET)
Backed by Bill Gates, the startup wants to make wind- and solar-energy storage more reliable

May 9, 2013
One order of steel; hold the greenhouse gases
Steelmaking, a major emitter of climate-altering gases, could be transformed by a new process developed at MIT

October 23, 2012
Donald Sadoway on The Colbert Report
MIT Professor Donald Sadoway plans to minimize the world's oil dependence with the first liquid metal battery

April 23, 2012
Taking an innovative approach to battery design
Donald Sadoway’s radical rethinking of electricity storage could revitalize renewable-power technologies

April 18, 2012
Donald Sadoway makes the Time 100 List
MIT professor Donald Sadoway has been named by Time magazine as one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” for 2012

March 27, 2012
TED Talk: Donald Sadoway: The missing link to renewable energy (video)
What's the key to using alternative energy, like solar and wind? Storage -- so we can have power on tap even when the sun's not out and the wind's not blowing. In this accessible, inspiring talk, Donald Sadoway takes to the blackboard to show us the future of large-scale batteries that store renewable energy

March 20, 2012
Big innovations for uncertain times
Seventh annual MIT Energy Conference features bold new technologies in the face of an uncertain economy

February 12, 2012
Liquid batteries could level the load
MIT team makes progress toward goal of inexpensive grid-scale batteries that could help make intermittent renewable energy sources viable

January 10, 2010
Don Sadoway: High-performance Rechargeable Batteries for Sustainable Transportation and Large-scale Storage of Electric Power (video)
A talk presented by Professor Don Sadoway as part of the MIT Energy Initiative's Energy Futures Week

October 29, 2009
MIT: An engine of energy innovation
DOE makes awards for transformative energy technologies