Howard Herzog

Senior Research Engineer
MIT Energy Initiative


Excitons observed in action for the first time

Excitons observed in action for the first time

Technique developed at MIT reveals the motion of energy-carrying quasiparticles in solid material.

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Howard Herzog


  • Carbon sequestration
  • Carbon mitigation technologies

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September 17, 2013
E.P.A. Is Expected to Set Limits on Greenhouse Gas Emissions by New Power Plants
Howard Herzog looks at how the new EPA rules might impact coal plants, via The New York Times

June 25, 2013
Getting the carbon out of emissions
Proposed method could be more efficient than previous systems and easier to retrofit in existing power plants.

June 12, 2013
Cheaper Ways to Capture Carbon Dioxide
via MIT Technology Review

January 7, 2013
New York Times: Pulling Carbon Dioxide Out of Thin Air
Howard J. Herzog discusses the carbon-capturing process with New York Times writer Anne Eisenberg

October 26, 2010
Howard Herzog receives the 2010 Greenman Award

February 3, 2010
Americans on climate change: Still concerned but less supportive of major action, finds MIT survey

November 17, 2008
MIT proposes near-term approach to make coal plants more climate-friendly

November 22, 2006
Climate change tops Americans' environmental concerns, MIT survey finds