Tata Center for Technology and Design

MITEI hosts the Tata Center for Technology and Design, which combines technical and business education with immersion in the context of emerging India. The Center's intent is to develop professionals who will be equipped to apply their training in resource-constrained settings. Individuals and teams work together under faculty supervision and in close contact with entrepreneurial companies and NGOs tied to communities and markets.

The Center’s Project Fund Program supports technology, development, design and implementation projects aimed at innovative products and systems for the developing world. The Fund is closely integrated with the Tata Center’s graduate education program, which provides full graduate student support complemented by discretionary project, travel and equipment funds for faculty advisors.

Call for Proposals

The Center is now accepting proposals from researchers from across MIT who will join a multidisciplinary core faculty team developing a project and classroom-based curriculum appropriate to technology development, design and implementation for the developing world – with a particular focus on India. The Program will support between 40 and 50 graduate students at any time. While the call will be open to proposals in any area of technology, we particularly encourage those relating to energy, water, health care, agriculture and food processing, and the built environment.

Application Deadline: February 17, 2014

Apply online at tatacenter.mit.edu/proposals2014.

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