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The scope of the world's energy problems calls for a comprehensive portfolio of responses to environmental, economic, scientific, security, and political issues.

Under the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), Institute researchers are hard at work on this portfolio, addressing alleviating immediate shortage, security, and environmental concerns. We are also working to find secure, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable energy sources.

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Thank you for your interest in supporting the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI). Financial support from alumni and friends, corporations, and foundations provides vital resources to develop, sustain and enrich our students, faculty, programs and facilities.

If you'd like to contribute or want to learn more, here's how.

Alumni and friends (individuals)

The Giving to MIT web site provides a list of specific funds that individuals wishing to support MITEI might consider. You can also make your gift online.

For information on making a contribution to MITEI, please contact Richard MacMillan, Director of Energy and Environmental Initiatives, at (617) 253-8559 or rmac@MIT.EDU.

Industry and Public Research Collaborators

To learn more about sponsoring research in MITEI or about becoming a MITEI industry or public research collaborator, please contact Louis J. Carranza at


To learn more about how foundations can support MITEI's energy-related research projects and programs, please contact Lindley Huey, director of MIT Office of Foundation Relations at (617) 253-6162 or lindley@MIT.EDU.

MITEI has a structured program for donors and industry partners who wish to contribute to or join these programs. If you are interested in joining us to help meet the world's energy challenges by becoming an MITEI industry research partner, please contact Louis J. Carranza at

If you would like to become a donor to the MIT Energy Initiative, please contact Richard MacMillan, Director of Energy and Environmental Initiatives, at (617) 253-8559 or