Low-Carbon Energy Centers

For information on MIT Energy Initiative’s Low-Carbon Energy Centers, announced in MIT’s Plan for Action on Climate Change, contact Lou Carranza, Associate Director of MITEI, at carranza@mit.edu.

Lower-cost panels and more accessible financing make solar more viable.
Physicists pin their hopes on new magnets and fast lasers.
MIT Professor Martin Bazant and his team have come up with a new way to remove salt from water, using a shockwave to slam the salt out of the water as it flows past.

Researcher Views

Paper by MIT Professor Jessika Trancik and MIT researchers describes the evolution of solar and wind energy in recent decades and the potential for future expansion under nationally-determined contributions proposed ahead of Paris climate talks.

Energy Innovators

MIT News: Automated energy analytics platform collects data on commercial buildings to improve energy efficiency.

Around Campus

After starting his physics education with online courses, an MIT graduate student is now practicing cutting-edge research in nuclear fusion at MIT.
MIT News: The Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation (CITE) at MIT has announced its evaluations of products being used in developing countries for 2016, including solar water pumps, mobility tech, and food aid.
MIT News: The inaugural workshop featured MIT faculty talks, panel discussions, and opportunities for networking.

Member News

The 2015 - 2016 Seed Fund Program request for proposals is open until December 9, 2015.

Faculty Focus

Institute-wide professorship recognizes Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering head's dedication and vision.
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science head Anantha Chandrakasan appointed to Institute-wide professorship.


December 01, 2015
6pm - 7pm
Discussion of a process on converting urban solid waste into biodiesel in India


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