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MIT urban scientist imagines a future where cars literally fold in half
via Art of Gears
MIT urban research scientist Kent Larson looks into what transportation in densely packed cities will look like, amongst other urban issues

This is what Obama just unveiled to boost solar
via Fortune
The president is pushing a clean energy loan guarantee program, which helped electric car success story Tesla, but also failed solar company, Solyndra.

Jay Whitacre and the edible battery
via Ozy
Because clean energy isn't enough - you need clean storage, too.

Around Campus

New undergraduate energy course accepting students
"Energy Management for a Sustainable Future," offered to undergraduates for the first time, satisfies the Energy Studies Minor requirements. 

Energy Innovators

Smart home heating and cooling
via MIT News
Alumnus uses radar expertise to design automated air-control system for homes

Can Wristify work as a personal air conditioner? 
via Treehugger
MIT startup regulates body temps with a bracelet that can heat or cool the wearer.


Solar Day

Thursday, September 10, 2015
MIT Media Lab: E14-674
MIT Community Event

MIT Solar Day is an opportunity to learn more about the huge potential of solar energy and the challenges involved in realizing the solar-powered future. A series of speaker sessions featuring MIT faculty from across the Institute’s five schools will highlight the wealth of solar energy research happening right now on campus.

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