Low-Carbon Energy Centers

MIT Energy Initiative has developed the Low-Carbon Energy Centers, which employ a uniquely inclusive model for partnerships across sectors. Learn more ›

MIT researchers are developing a decision-support tool to help cities in India sustainably manage the societal and environmental impacts of their waste
CoalMap online tool shows what policy regulations and technological advancements can do for the cost-competitiveness of solar and wind energy.
Study: China could go big on wind power — if it adjusts its grid operations.
Study proposes energy storage technology could be used to sell additional electricity on the grid during times of peak price
Further cost reductions will be necessary to justify widespread storage deployment for decarbonization purposes, Argonne and MIT researchers found.
Even with solar installations surpassing 1 million, the road to a carbon-zero energy economy is still long and daunting.
Technology promises way to use fossil fuels while addressing climate change.
MITEI member Statoil has launched a new $200 million venture capital fund dedicated to investing in renewable energy.
Exelon’s MITEI membership will support research including energy storage, smarter grids, advanced nuclear generation, and solar energy



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