Low-Carbon Energy Centers

MIT Energy Initiative has developed the Low-Carbon Energy Centers, which employ a uniquely inclusive model for partnerships across sectors. Learn more ›

Process from MIT provides improved reactivity with much less platinum.
Century-old campus “Main Group” gets first major modernization, including efficient modern windows.
A new faculty member in materials science and engineering is creating healable metals.
Technology promises way to use fossil fuels while addressing climate change.
A group of MIT students is developing a new form of transportation to bring that dream to life: the supersonic hyperloop, a pneumatic train powered by magnetism.
Meet the four “Cool Companies” that will unveil their ideas at Fortune’s Brainstorm E conference.
MITEI member Statoil has launched a new $200 million venture capital fund dedicated to investing in renewable energy.
Exelon’s MITEI membership will support research including energy storage, smarter grids, advanced nuclear generation, and solar energy
Raanan Miller, Executive Director of MITEI’s Utility of the Future Consortium, discusses Draper Laboratory’s history of working with industry.



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June 06, 2016
Joint Symposium MIT Energy Initiative and ETH Zurich, Energy Science Center