Energy Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)


Fusion outreach ignites in spring

Fusion outreach ignites in spring

Plasma Science and Fusion Center education team excites the public about MIT energy research.

May 12, 2016Read more
Yearly summaries of the UROPs, Interns, and their projects:

MITEI works with the MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) to support the participation of undergraduates in energy research and to encourage undergraduate interest in the energy field.  These UROPs are conducted over the summer, and may address any aspect of energy systems and related environmental challenges, such as energy sources and supply (solar, wind, geothermal, nuclear, fossil fuel, etc); conversion, storage and distribution; technology and use (transportations, buildings, etc); policy; efficiency and demand-side management; and campus energy management.

Events and Activities

The MITEI UROP program includes organized networking opportunities for undergraduate students, graduate advisors, and faculty supervisors to connect with other energy researchers on campus. Students also have opportunities to participate in an active careers workshop series and present their work to other energy UROPs in an informal setting or in formal settings with industry sponsors or at conferences (C3E, MIT Energy Night, etc). Additionally, UROPs may gain practical insight by connecting with a sponsoring company or donors through networking opportunities or energy community events.

Application Process

  1. Figure out what fires you up. Some recommended first steps are:
    a) Reviewing the list at the top of this page of past Energy UROPs, to see the wide-range of projects students participated in
    b) See if there is a project opening for related research on the UROP website
    c) Find a professor at MIT who does work on this topic. Try looking through research profiles on your department website or look at MITEI’s Energy Faculty
  2. Reach out to a professor to discuss a possible collaboration. The UROP site has helpful tips and advice to assist you in conversations with faculty
  3. Download the official MITEI UROP form and write your proposal (Note: If your proposal is accepted, you will then be able to submit it to the UROP office without any modification when the time comes)
  4. Submit the filled out form and MITEI UROP proposal to Ann Greaney-Williams,, no later than March 17, 2016.

Energy UROP Funding and Sponsorship

The Energy UROP is a full-time (40hr/week) summer position, allowing students to have an in-depth research experience. The funding itself is provided by private donors and by members of the MIT Energy Initiative, including Founding Members like BP and Shell, Sustaining Members like Lockheed Martin and Chevron, as well as individual Affiliate Members with a particular interest in supporting undergraduate research. MITEI welcomes new and existing donors and members to sponsor summer Energy UROPs. The Energy UROP application and selection process begins in earnest each February.

Contact Ann Greaney-Williams, MITEI Academic Coordinator, if you are interested in learning more about Energy UROPs. Or, Member Services for more information about sponsoring educational programs at MITEI.

Contact Information

Ann Greaney-Williams
Academic Coordinator 
MITEI Education Office